The shameful history of racism against Black people in the Worldwide Anglican Church is well documented.  The Anglican Church was part of the oppressive colonial government institutions and made no attempt prior to the early to mid-19th century to declare abhorrence of slavery and racial discrimination.  It was only in 2006, less than 20 years ago, that the Anglican Church through the Archbishop of Canterbury finally faced the truth of its history and issued a formal apology for the role it played in slavery and the consequent oppression of Black people in the Caribbean.

Picking the right battles. Winning the fight against racism.

Many of us find it very uncomfortable to listen to the facts and take action to redress racism. Sometimes guilt, pain and personal agendas are involved in the positions taken. Focus on solutions to make the world a better place by providing comfortable spaces for all of us.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Philanthropy is commendable but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.” Let us remember that there is so much more work to do! #martinlutherking#martinlutherkingjr Christ in you, the hope of glory. That’s why glory matters. @glorymatters

Supporting formerly incarcerated persons in Montreal

Open Door. From the Inside Out. is a book published by Communitas Montreal, an organization that uses restorative justice to assist persons who have been incarcerated reintegrate into society.

Rendre la prévention de la démence une priorité nationale en matière des soins de la santé

Le sourire approbateur de mon père le jour où j’ai dû attacher ses lacets restera toujours un souvenir doux-amer. Je ne peux pas oublier la première fois que j’ai attaché mes lacets tout seule – j’aurais pu avoir trois ans et demi – et papa a souri d’un air approbateur, fier de mon accomplissement. MaisContinue reading “Rendre la prévention de la démence une priorité nationale en matière des soins de la santé”


It is through life’s events – whether times of crisis or calm –
that we somehow find new directions and rediscover the purpose of our life’s journey.
It takes courage to confront the fears that prevent us from living purposefully and authentically.
Choose courage over fear. It’s well worth it.

When Anxiety, Airports and Angels Work Together for Good

Overcoming anxiety through prayer and faith. Acknowlege anxiety. Accept circumstances that can’t be changed. Acknowledge the Hand of God at work in unusual ways in unusual circumstances.

Focus on your race. Leave other people to learn in their own time and space.

It has been two days since the 100 meters women’s final at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon. This was to be the Olympic event rerun for Sha’Carri Richardson who was banned from the Tokyo Games for testing positive for a chemical found in marijuana.  It was her second chance. The result – the sameContinue reading “Focus on your race. Leave other people to learn in their own time and space.”