Even if we are bearing the wounds in the aftermath of our good intentions and actions in 2021, we must be unwavering in our commitment to God’s plan for our lives. Say to yourself: “I will let nothing, or no one upset the calm peace of my soul,” and mean it.

My Tribute To Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Bishop Tutu was unapologetic in the defense of the rights of all people, yet as chairman of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he is widely known for his insistence on forgiveness and public apology as the way forward in the aftermath of apartheid.

Rendre la prévention de la démence une priorité nationale en matière des soins de la santé

Le sourire approbateur de mon père le jour où j’ai dû attacher ses lacets restera toujours un souvenir doux-amer. Je ne peux pas oublier la première fois que j’ai attaché mes lacets tout seule – j’aurais pu avoir trois ans et demi – et papa a souri d’un air approbateur, fier de mon accomplissement. MaisContinue reading “Rendre la prévention de la démence une priorité nationale en matière des soins de la santé”

Make Dementia Prevention a Healthcare Priority in Canada

Please sign petition e3697 that recommends:
Reduction of preventable diagnoses through health promotion and disease prevention services
Deceleration of risks and symptoms through a standardized national cognitive assessment test
Reversal of symptoms in persons with mild cognitive impairment through access to clinical trials financed through public/private sector funding