Meditation on the 23rd Psalm

  The Lord is my Shepherd I establish the teachings of Jesus Christ as the guiding principles in my daily life.  There is a lot of material and resources on spirituality, self-help, professional and personal success.  This is all good. By declaring that the Lord is my shepherd, whatever I take from this material shouldContinue reading “Meditation on the 23rd Psalm”

Meditation on the Lord’s prayer

Our Father Every human being is created by God.  God is the common bond of all humanity. We are members of the human family.  We are all loved by God.  Are we aware that God loves the beggar, the criminal, the disabled, the social outcasts as much as He loves us?  How do we honourContinue reading “Meditation on the Lord’s prayer”

Lessons from Naaman’s healing and Black History Month

Sermon presented in 2012 at the Anglican Parish of St. Andrew and St. Mark, Dorval, now the Parish of the Resurrection, St. Andrew and St. Mark. 2 Kings 5 1 – 16 – The account of Naaman’s healing Heavenly Father, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable inContinue reading “Lessons from Naaman’s healing and Black History Month”